Annina Tonkov is an analogue photographer with a focus on nude photography and a preference for black and white film.  She was born in Berlin, Germany and raised biculturally by her native mom and a Bulgarian father. After exploring arts, specifically photography in high school, she became interested in psychology, which became the profession she mastered officially. However, shortly after starting her bachelor's programme in the Netherlands, international connections and a certain enthusiasm for shared expressions of social taboos influenced her to explore nudity with photography. For a long time she would only discover the theme with friends in a safe environment and when the conditions seemed to be little resistant. Only in 2022, when she started to gain more media representation, she started a journey working with a broader diversity of people. As her clients realise, that she embodies photographer and psychologist, she finds a bigger purpose behind her work: She can not only promise aesthetically fine content, but also a shared journey towards a more acceptance of her clients’ own naked body.


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My art is always a representation of my own journey, a long searched tool to vent, to express deep struggles and desires that sometimes cannot be properly described in words. I almost exclusively work with analogue photography, my mission is the non-sexualised depiction of nudity.


I grew up in an environment where nudity was normal and I found a world in which especially female nudity is tabooed and sexualised at the same time. Knowing and experiencing the harmful effects of that paradox situation, I came to enjoy my photos’ effects more and more on me, and  my models. I realised that my art was political. And I decided to use that power not only for decoupling sex from nudity, but also for showing more diverse bodies and for the confrontation with everyone’s own body. You can find aesthetics in my art, intimacy, states of mind, or you may find a process of healing by reaching better acceptance of who you are.


The analogue way of working speaks to me, because it offers the possibility to slow down, think, appreciate and be excited for every photo I shot. As a millennial and in the rapid way we live in a capitalist and digitalised society, this shape of art provides me a momentum to breathe.

Loukia (@loukiaa):


The first time I worked with Anni was also the first time I was naked in front of a camera. I don't know if it was the sun outside or the casual calm voice in which she asked to take my picture but I remember agreeing without pausing to think for a second. There is something beautiful about people who do things passionately that makes one want to be a part of it. We took photos on two different occasions, during both of which I remember my body feeling warm and present and seen. I remember that feeling still, because she magically managed to capture it in those photos. If a photographer's quest is to capture a world of ever fleeting light and feeling and intention, then Anni's personal quest is one of the most lively and passionate ones I've come across so far.



I had no experience in front of a camera and Anni made it feel very comfortable and natural. When seeing the photographs for the first time I couldn't stop smiling. To this point having them makes me incredibly happy. I did the photoshoot coming out of a year dealing with chronic pain an seeing my body captured like this has been one of many steps towards getting to know my body and again and a gift to myself.


Single, Couple, Group, Nude, Intimate, Portrait, Fashion


Price Range: 180 € - 280 €


You can decide your price according to your financial capacities. This is the price for one film of your preference (black and white or colour). I charge 50 € extra for every added film (max. 3 per booked session). 50 € will be charged as deposit after we agreed on an appointment.


Please take into account that the price includes costs for film and film development, as well as potential location costs.


When you are requesting a shooting, please give me a little background information, why you would like to shoot with me, when are your possible time windows and if you prefer a studio or a nature shoot. I will get back to you as soon as possible (1-3 days).


I am currently only taking requests for Limassol, Cyprus and Berlin, Germany.


Information about the procedure


The shooting usually takes about 3 hours including an hour to get to know each other and learn about your experience with nudity, your wishes for the shoot as well as givinh a space for worries and questions.


If you are interested in counselling sessions in combination with the shoot, please let me know, so we can set up a combi package tailored to your needs. 💜


Price for a session ranges from 60 € - 80 € depending on your financial capacities.

If you (any gender, ethnicity or body shape) are interested in a shooting or in buying prints, please contact me via:






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